About Me

Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Rurie. And yes you are right, I didn’t come from Holland. The first 25 years of my life I spent in sunny Indonesia. Bali to be exact! I moved here 5 years ago not knowing that I would meet my wonderful husband and live here. Together we live in Gouda with two naughty (striped) cute cats, Romy and Whitty.

My love for photography started with my love for food photography. In the beginning of my stay in Holland I craved home cooked Indonesian food so badly that I started cooking, baking and write it all down on my food blog www.whittycute.com.

I love traveling and although I used to live in Asia, I know more of Europe than I know Asia. So one day I hope to visit all countries in Asia one by one. On top of my list are Korea and Japan. And oh have I told you that I love blue? I love it so much to the point that on my birthday, Christmas, etc. there’s no other thing I get other than blue coloured gifts.

Everything vintage makes my heart melt, from vintage cameras, beautiful plates, to chippy painted cupboard. Sometimes I felt I might have been born in the wrong time. Until I realized that I love electronic gadgets too much I don’t think I could live in the old days when they weren’t invented yet. Few other things that make my heart sings are blooming flowers in the spring time, the smell of clean laundry with my favourite softener, eating (esp. Indonesian food), reading and a long hot bubble bath.

I’m a custom photographer for wedding and lifestyle. I will capture you as you are with flair. My style of photography is fresh, colourful, intimate with photojournalistic flair. I love people, and photography lets me capture their beauty, love and uniqueness in each person. Together we will have a lot of fun during our photo shoot.

Any of those above sing to your heart as well? Then I can’t wait to hear from you. 🙂