Astri : Gouda Portrait Photography

If you still wonder, what is this type of photography called as lifestyle photography? From my point of view it means, you get to be photographed as yourself, no need to be scared if you can’t pose because that’s a part of our job as the photographer. We would definitely try our best to make you comfortable in front the camera, though we would encourage you to try this and that pose but we wouldn’t make you strike a pose that you’re not comfortable with. In short this type of photography will let you just be yourself but still in a fabulous way, just like Astri here.

It was a perfect late autumn weather as we strolled around. We warmed up with some poses in this little alleyway.

I never really paid any attention to this little “park” nearby our house, until now. By the way the light was so gorgeous I wished we had this kind of light any time of the year in Holland.

Astri just being her cute self 🙂

She was being such a sport, not minding the dirt and all.

Isn’t she pretty? 😉

We had a little bit of fun at the playground.

I’ll end this post of Astri having fun, because I want her to have all the fun and joy in her life.

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