Ayu & Gino : Antwerp Anytime Photography

We already scheduled this shoot months ago but the week prior to the shoot weather forecast was not showing any good sign. The night before there was still doubt whether to go on or find another time. But we couldn’t wait any longer since the first time we wanted to do this shoot. On our way to Antwerp we met the rain and sun 5 times alternately it felt almost like Wizard of Oz. I kept on praying in the car for at least some dry moments when we shoot. It did stay dry for most of the time although there were times we had to literally run for our life because the rain all of the sudden just poured without warning. But I suppose it’s all worth it for Ayu & Gino. Gino especially directed us to Port of Antwerp area to showcase the Antwerp background for the photo. Despite the rain the harbour was still crowded with weekenders and tourist but these two just posed and did everything I said without doubt, you guys rocked! Ayu & Gino thank you for being very patient with the rain and with me as well 😉 we really had a good time with the shoot and I wish you guys all the luck and happiness.

If the first couple of shots already look like this, then I’m pretty sure the rest would look great.

If they could rock some random building like this then I bet they could rock it anywhere.

Peter found this two cute red doors. See, four eyes are better than two.

The MAS building made a really nice backdrop for the photos.

Don’t they look cute together?

She would probabyly going to kill me for posting this one, but I just love the cuteness of it.

The wind actually made a nice hair movement. I’d say, nonchalantly pretty.

I want her shoes!

Ahh…..work it guys!

After this photo the rain just started to pour real hard, we ran for our life to inside the MAS museum.

We joked that the HUGE yacht behind the was Gino’s, he just forgot his key at home.

Would love to see more? Do click here for the slideshow.

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5 thoughts on “Ayu & Gino : Antwerp Anytime Photography

  1. Twan Gevers

    Hello Mbak,
    Again good pictures …. I love the 50mm 1.4 ….. sharp and good bokeh.
    Also the compositian is again good.
    Just one of critic … watch out with the horizontal/vertical background is good … 🙂

  2. dwi

    Rurie!!!! GREAT JOB!!!! Ayu looks GREAT!!! Dia di sana juga ya??? will be married soon… When it will be??? So happy for them…

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