Maarten and Hesti : Hilversum Anytime Photography

If you might wonder, what’s the meaning of anytime here? Well let me tell you something, it basically means….err…anytime. Any given time you want for a photo shoot, no particular reason. Maybe just an urge to feel fabulous in front of the camera or wanting a new picture to be put by the fireplace, any reasons are welcome 🙂

This autumn came late to Holland, it was a breezy cloudy day when we strolled in this nice park in Hilversum. I love park in this kind of time of the year, especially with two persons posing for me and showing some of their love, what more could a photographer ask for.

These two lovebirds have been together couple of years now and I think they deserve some nice pictures of them together.

Don’t they look HOT together.

They surely know how to have fun in front of the camera.

Hesti said that Maarten was a camera shy, naah I don’t believe that. Look at the way he smiled at the camera.

We relaxed on the ground for a bit and they were such a sport for not caring and just posing. Mind you it was quite busy at the park since there was some sort of marathon going on.

I think Hesti was laughing at me rather than laughing with me.

Yes, work that fierce look guys!

Pure happiness. Bliss.

Yes girl, I know you can work that look!

Ah how sweet.

I’ll end this post with this picture, as they look at the dewey sun and think about what the future might bring to them.

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