Yurina & Albert : Delft Anytime Photography Part II

If you haven’t seen the part I of this blogpost then you should ‘cos it’s full of sweet goodness. Now let’s go ahead and continue with an equally cute part II. Since Yurina and Albert love travelling and playing game board, we thought that we could incorporate that in the shoot as well. I suppose putting a touch of their real self would make the photos even closer to what they really are as a couple and person. Thank you for making my work easier, you guys were very easy couple to photograph because I could see clearly your love for each other were for real and you guys reminding me that I do love what I do, capturing real love. Yurina and Albert thank you once again.

One of Yurina’s dream was to have her travel story published and her hard work paid off when her writing was published in one of Indonesia’s leading woman’s magazine. And this piece of article you are seeing is the very artcile. You go girl!

Pure happiness and joy.

I wonder what would one do when in Rome? I suppose something cute and romantic like this.

As last shot they would love to do the leap, leap of happiness and I was more than happy to oblige because this is exactly what the two of them are, together hand in hand traveling life with laughter and love.

2 thoughts on “Yurina & Albert : Delft Anytime Photography Part II

  1. Tina Hassan

    Buseeet, keren banget deh foto2nya, sayang gak bisa dicolong, bagi dong foto semuanya buat kenang2 an , abis keren semua. Ini ada nenek2 satu lagi ngeliat foto ini terharu banget, mata berkaca2. Two thumbs up rin. Salam kangen dari ibu Lely.


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