Birthday and Indonesia

Today is my birthday and all my means of communication devices are overflowing with wishes from family and friends. I am ever so greatful for all the lovely wishes. Although my birthday is today but I did have a party last weekend where again it was overflowing with people, we almost felt that the house was about to collapse because it was so crowded. But I always see it from the positive side that again I was overflowed by my loved ones. Thank you and thank you again, words would never be enough to express all my gratitude.

On a different note, Indonesia I’m coming! It might be a bit slow here on the blog since I’m not sure about the internet condition there and probably I would be a bit busy as well with work sampling delicious Indonesian food!

PS: This cake was red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. Mind you the not so pretty icing technique. But it tasted awesome, we finished the whole

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