Indonesia March – May 2012 : Malang

Malang, a cool lively city south of Surabaya. Off we went with both my good friends in Surabaya, Mbak R and Ces. The main focus was of course culinary journey and meeting blogger friends.

Still a common view in the villages, people washing their clothes in the river.

Before entering the city we went off the road and visited 2 old temples just outside Malang. This one was Candi Sumberawan.

My country, so pretty 🙂

Some offerings for the spirits.

And another one, Candi Singosari.

Off we went to have lunch and meet fellow food bloggers. They picked this cozy place, Pondok Desa Kampung Telaga. The place is surrounded by water and

This one in particular was not a happy meal, the squid was as tough as rubber. 😛

But the rest of the foods were nice. Left was fish in a sauce that I don’t remember anymore and right was tumis kangkung (stir fried morning glory).

Left the glorious fried tempe and right if I’m not mistaken fish in sweet sour sauce.

Refreshing sayur asam (Indonesian sour soup).

Makes my mouth water seeing this again.

My plate.

The fishes in the pond were eager to catch the food. Good activity to occupy the children a little while.

Mbak R and Tata Bonita.

From there we moved to another traditional restaurant, Taman Indie. It seems nowadays such place is a trend in Indonesia. Or in general I think since vintage theme became so happening these days.

An old fashioned kitchen as I remember from my grandmother’s kitchen when I was small. If you wonder what is the thing on the right, it’s a water jug made from clay. It keeps the water very cool and refreshing.

On the way back from Malang we were still adventurous and went to eat at Surabaya Plaza Hotel. Now there they have Nasi Goreng Jancuk, Jancuk is sort of swearing word but in this term a good way. Like a bad ass fried rice. Why bad ass? Because it was so friggin’ spicy! Like out of this world spicy! We ordered one wok! Yep a huge one, with a pitcher of ice tea. Now they also had a choice of 2 pitchers but we were naive thought that it wouldn’t be too hot. And it was!!! If you are a chilli lover, you have to try it but if not then stay away! Couldn’t believe I used so many exclamation mark. But it was really the higlight of our trip of the day.

Happy face before eating 😛

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