It’s All in the Blue : New Custom Packaging

That I am a crazy blue color fan, is a known fact. When you go and see my house, you’ll understand. When you see my clothes, you’ll understand. But why go that far, just look at this blog, you get it right? It all began long time ago in my early teens, my sister and I started to decide on what color we would like since that point. Jeez teenagers could be really weird that way, favourite color decision was a life changing crucial moment, trust me. We decided blue it was and though I’m not sure whether it is still my sister’s favourite color, I still love it until this very day.

Am I blabbling too much until this point? Because trust me, we are getting to my point now. These photos below are my some of my packaging products and business cards which were designed around the main designed of the website and blog. They were designed of course by lovely husband. Aren’t they cute, don’t you just want to grab them? So if you’re a client be prepared to receive this cuteness at your very own home.

DVD Cover.

Extra cute with ribbon. Although to tell you the truth, I’m still yet to find a baroque theme blue ribbon, probably custom made for later.

Thank you card.

Hand written, of course with blue pen. But mind you my messy handwriting.

Address lable.

Last but not least, business cards.

Now off I go because I still yet to find a thank you gift for client and referral. Oui sweet, I give gift as well. 🙂 Any suggestion for gifts dear reader?

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