Learning Curve 2010 : One Step at a Time

This year has meant tremendously to me. There were just so many things going on at once but I’m going to spare you all the boring bits and let’s discuss more fun stuff. Since this is a photography blog, it would be proper if I write things I have learned “photography wise” in 2010.

1. I learned that yes there is such thing as back button focus.

2. Prime lense is the coolest lense ever 😀 it delivers buttery, creamy, sharp image that could never be achieved with a zoom lens.

3. Shot my first wedding of a dear friend.

4. Photoshop actions are God-send, where was I before I discovered that?

5. Since this summer I started my (parttime) photography school and yes there I learned a lot of those not-so-fun-technical stuff, there are too many to mention and yes I think some of them fuzz about in my brain along with things like: buy milk tomorrow, don’t over fed the cats, please wash the blanket. Yes, I’m what you would call a technically challenged girl, I’m a visual creature after all too much technical stuff don’t interest me much (don’t copy this bad trait), but since I have to know some important stuff about them I spared a tiny bit of my brain for those stuff and I’m good to go. Thank God that my better half is way much better at this kind of thing and yes boy I’m glad to have him around 🙂

6. One big thing I remember learning at school was basic studio lighting which I think failed miserably 🙁 so embarassed I didn’t put any photos here….euh maybe when I had chocolate cake too many I will 😛

Since I have learned a thing or two already, some weeks ago I felt my then camera couldn’t deliver things that I wanted anymore especially those creaminess bit (boy how many times have I talked about cream in this post). After a lot of thinking (eh me a lot of thinking about getting a new gadget….naah you gotta be kidding). After two years of using my ever so loyal Canon EOS 450D I finally took the chance and welcomed a (secondhand) Canon EOS 5d into my camera family. Boy of boy was it the best purchased of the year or not 🙂 You can be the judge by seeing these photos of my test shot with the camera.

There are still a lot of things to learn next year and I hope you would bear with me. I also feel blessed surrounded with encouraging husband, family and closest friends, whom without all their support I don’t think I would ever have the guts to pursue this.

Speaking of learning one step at a time, Steve just learned how to walk 🙂 Look at him as he bravely walk towards the crowd.

He would walk far away from us until his mother had to catch him but he couldn’t wait to walk again.

From time to time he would stop walking and dance about, so cute.

Isn’t he cuuuuuteeeeeeee? Mama and Papa must be really proud of him.

His hands were getting red from the cold, so let mama put the gloves on with matching bear hat.

But he was not amused with the gloves.

Sorry Steve but the walking time is over, let’s do this again tomorrow?

Aren’t you amaze on how he could still manage to look cute while crying and look at those teeth 😉

For more photos do click the slideshow here.

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