How Time Flies : Jozua 1st Birthday Party

Do you remember my friend Thata? You can check out her wedding here and here. Her maternity photos here. Aaaaand baby Jozua’s newborn photos here. Pfiuh I promise you it’s not that I stalked them or anything.

But I couldn’t believe that baby Jozua is not a baby anymore. He just turned ONE. Wow how time flies. And since baby only turned one once in their life, there had to be something special to be done. Voila Thata with the help of her family and friends magically made a sweet table with a very appropriate theme for a one year old. With all the trimmings, that and a full time job. Not sure where she got all the energy from. I probably have to sneak into her house and find out her secret.

Happy birthday Jozua. For many many more years to come πŸ™‚

The birthday cake was also self made.

On the left here is perkedel (Indonesian potato patties). On the left is glutinous rice with spicy shredded coconut.

Yummy cocktail sausage wrapped with pastry on the right. While on the left was a smart way to use the push up cake container.


Healthy snacks should be included too, mixed fruit and vegetables with dip.

On the left is meatballs. And you all know what is on the right, duck cookies.

Also a smart way to use the macaron tower.

Err like that woman didn’t have anything else to do but covering all the juice packs with own label. But I must say it is very neat.

While mommy, daddy and big brother were serious about blowing the candle. Jozua was more interested in touching the candle!

Family Gevers : Uden Family Photography

This lovely family isΒ  good friends of ours. Our first official meeting was actually at this wedding. We got to talk and apparently Twan is a keen hobbyist in photography. It seemed we hit it off right there and then, I even made him photographed some of the party actions. Well lets face it, it was a friend’s wedding so you do want to dance a little bit.

That day we were lucky with warm weather and sun. It doesn’t happen that often in Holland, trust me, not even in the summertime. We headed to Bedafse Bergen in Uden to have some fun in the sand and sun. Thank you family Gevers for the lovely day.

Well sooner or later Ariyo will surely be a heartbreaker!

A proud papa.

What a beautiful family πŸ™‚

Two cheeky monkeys.

Like mother like daughter.

Alisya does fashion modelling from time to time, no wonder she’s very easy in front of the camera.