Family Gevers : Uden Family Photography

This lovely family is  good friends of ours. Our first official meeting was actually at this wedding. We got to talk and apparently Twan is a keen hobbyist in photography. It seemed we hit it off right there and then, I even made him photographed some of the party actions. Well lets face it, it was a friend’s wedding so you do want to dance a little bit.

That day we were lucky with warm weather and sun. It doesn’t happen that often in Holland, trust me, not even in the summertime. We headed to Bedafse Bergen in Uden to have some fun in the sand and sun. Thank you family Gevers for the lovely day.

Well sooner or later Ariyo will surely be a heartbreaker!

A proud papa.

What a beautiful family 🙂

Two cheeky monkeys.

Like mother like daughter.

Alisya does fashion modelling from time to time, no wonder she’s very easy in front of the camera.

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