Food Friday : (No Bake Deliciousness) Tiramisu

I’ve been baking like a mad woman for the past weeks. Birthdays, farewel came all together in February. It seems that February is a busy month for social occasions. After twice baking cakes I felt like no baking at all yet still wanted to produce something delicious and cute but with minimum fuss. Tiramisu is the answer! Not that I’ve never made tiramisu before but usually I just piled them inside a bowl and be done with it. But this time I made it Indonesian style which involved some effort but still very minimum. I didn’t know that us Indonesian have the obsession to make food look pretty like this until someone made a remark, ‘oh Indonesian style tiramisu’. Not until then that I realized oh yeah I’ve actually never seen this kind of tiramisu here. But it is pretty right, right?

Tiramisu cake anyone?

For recipe do visit my foodblog here 🙂 Happy Friday!

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