Food Friday : Pancakes

Eekk bad bad blogger, no Food Friday for weeks! Truthfully I was not inspired at all lately photographing food, maybe it’s just the time of the year. Anyhow in the name of promise, I will try to do Food Friday at least every month (insert sheepish grin).

Speaking about pancake, growing up with an (adopted) American grandmother I was used to thick and fluffy pancake. The soft pancake was always served for breakfast. Besides My brain was conditioned that pancake should be served with nothing other than maple syrup. Variation might be made with blueberries or strawberries but maple syrup as default shouldn’t be left out. Thus I was rather in shock when finding that what Dutch call pancake here is rather similar to crepes. The appearance of Dutch pancake is rather rough to eyes and palates. The texture is somewhat thicker than crepes but with rough surface. And to my surprise people here eat it for……dinner. The pancakes could be eaten with savoury or sweet toppings such as; bacon, ham, mushrooms, cheese, applestroop (apple molasses), sliced apples, chocolate paste, powdered sugar, chocolate sprinkles. You could use one topping or in combined what you think would be best. If you think apple with mushroom would rock your world then go ahead. I promise you the taste is ok, my husband loves it. He ate all of this batch I made. But I think I should work better on integration ‘cos I still couldn’t eat this, not for breakfast and let alone for dinner. Now I let you choose, which one is your favourite pancake?

For recipe do see my food blog here.

Have a great Friday!

Dutch pancake. Husband made a remarks that usually they make it somewhat thicker than this. Pancake thin like this they call flensjes. I made a remark that I am not Dutch thus this as result.

Rolled up with sliced apples and chocolate paste.

Some topping I had in my kitchen. Cheese, chocolate sprinkles, sliced apples and powdered sugar.

American pancake. Yum.

Maple syrup.

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