Inne & Paulus : Dordrecht Maternity Photography – A Shoot for Me

Inne and Paulus were waiting for their first born baby, doctor said it would be a baby girl. As much as they are delighted to wait for the arrival for the little bundle, I was delighted as well to have the opportunity for myself to try and shoot maternity. That day in Dordrecht was quite chilly and windy although the sun was shining but that didn’t stop us from taking pictures. I am quite pleased with the result of the photos and I hope they are too. Inne and Paulus, I’m thanking you both for the opportunity and wishing you all the best for the arrival of the baby.

We started with the nursery.

A baby will always appreciate a bug or two. 🙂

Then we continued to the nearby forest.

Aaah so peaceful.

I joked to Inne that she should gain more weight to be categorized pregnant woman because honestly she’s still tiny.

Doesn’t she just glow?

Hand in hand welcoming the future ahead.

Not sure what was funny here? I’m sure it wasn’t me.

There’s something about this picture that made my heart melt.

The light at the end of the day was just golden.

Go ahead and watch the slideshow for more pictures.

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9 thoughts on “Inne & Paulus : Dordrecht Maternity Photography – A Shoot for Me

  1. Twan Gevers

    Mbak …. goed werk geleverd ….. vooral de foto’s van de voorwerpen vind ik heel goed ….. fijne scherpte diepte met mooie kleuren …… Verder heb je hun er goed opgezet en mijn favourite is the last one …. ga zo door

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