Eni Now & Then : A Learning Process

Back in the early spring of 2009 my dear friend Eni was still living here. I just had my DSLR for couple of months and needed to practise badly. And good thing of having a friend like Eni because I like to take pictures and she like to pose. So we went for a stroll in Utrecht and I just shoot away without knowing what I was doing, what a clueless girl. On the other hand Eni was really acting like a model. Posing here and there without any difficulties.

Then the story continued when she came back here shortly for holiday this early winter. I asked her again to model for me and I am amazed myself with the difference. I could see the 2 years learning process in between. What do you think? I’ll let you be the judge as well

Photos taken in early spring 2009 with Canon EOS 450d and kit lens.

Photos taken in early winter 2011 with Canon EOS 5D and 50mm f1.4

One thought on “Eni Now & Then : A Learning Process

  1. Holly

    lensanya lebih bagus now sih ya ..jadi hasilnya lebih OK ..tapi photo awalnya udah OK juga cuman pencahayaannya bikin yang bawah lebih bagus ..:) IMO


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