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I’m so sorry that today I don’t have the usual Food Friday but I have some portraits which are equally if not more interesting than Food Friday. But being a food lover that I am, you will stumble upon some food photos.

When Novi contacted me a couple of months ago for this portrait shoot I was more than thrilled. Later she also explained what types of photos and where the location would be. Nothing gets me more excited knowing that you know what you want to achieve with photos and you have a visualization through photos on how to create a true reflection of who you are as a person.

I knew Novi through a friend and she’s a girl after my own heart. We’re in some ways alike, girls who are still in the middle of finding their places in this world. Girls who have moved thousand kilometers from hometown and found our home here. Her positive attitude is contagious and it would be hard not to be encouraged by it.

So there we were in a cold but sunny winter morning ready to go to the first venue, Amsterdam Public Library. Since it was a library so we were trying our best not to make any sound.

Novi with some of her favourite books.

Couple of times she mentioned how she couldn’t smile with her eyes to the camera which I think is not true judging from these photos.

I promise she was laughing with no sound at all.

Doesn’t she look hawt.

Before moving any further we warmed up ourselves with a cup of coffee and cookie.

We took the tram to visit The Begijnhof.

She and I are both cat lovers so we couldn’t help ourselves when we saw this chubby kitty at the garden of The Begijnhof.

We moved towards the square and she showed me some book stores I knew exist but didn’t know the location. I was more than thrilled about this finding.

We walked further to The Jewish Area, I’m little bit embarassed that I’ve never been to all the places she shown me. Well excuse me for being all mainstream shopping area whenever I’m in Amsterdam.

She was a really easy model, look I could even make her sit in the middle of the street.

Besides good reading she also enjoys lomography. Err I have to admit I have zero knowledge about analog camera so you go girl.

She wasn’t laughing at me, I swear.

Here she is again working her magic look, it was freezing cold btw but she accepted my challenge.

We grabbed a (huge) bite at this little cafe. We were not sure whether it was really a good burger or because we were super hungry but we finished everything.

With full tummy we happily took a walk through the famous Vondelpark.

It was time to end our day and this last frames are actually my favorite of the day. Nov, I wish you all the best in whatever things you are doing. It was a very nice afternoon indeed.

If you would like to see more photos do click the slideshow.

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  1. Oppie

    Thanks rurietje buat semuanya 🙂 fotografer nya yg keren, hampir ditabrak sepeda lah, moto sambil manggul plastik kresek beserta tas tas 🙁 tp teteeupp keukeuh motret. Jempol rur! I wish you all the best for your career! 🙂 All the best ya 😀 .. xxx


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