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Olivia & Ruud : Bali Wedding Photography Part II

After the first part of the wedding, here we are the second part of the fab day. I can’t thank you enough for both of you for letting me documenting your day. Be happy together and make babies soon. 😀

 photo 2013-04-05_0002.jpg

 photo 2013-03-21_0034.jpg

 photo 2013-03-21_0032.jpg

 photo 2013-03-21_0029.jpg

 photo 2013-03-21_0031.jpg

 photo 2013-03-21_0030.jpg

 photo 2013-04-05_0003.jpg

 photo 2013-04-05_0010.jpg

 photo 2013-04-05_0009.jpg

 photo 2013-04-05_0013.jpg

 photo 2013-04-05_0012.jpg

 photo 2013-04-05_0011.jpg

 photo 2013-04-05_0014.jpg

 photo 2013-04-02_0118.jpg

 photo 2013-04-05_0015.jpg

 photo 2013-04-05_0016.jpg

 photo 2013-04-05_0017.jpg

 photo 2013-04-05_0018.jpg

 photo 2013-04-05_0021.jpg

 photo 2013-04-05_0019.jpg

 photo 2013-04-05_0022.jpg

 photo 2013-04-05_0024.jpg

 photo 2013-04-05_0020.jpg

 photo 2013-04-05_0023.jpg

 photo 2013-04-05_0025.jpg

 photo 2013-04-05_0026.jpg

Kebaya : Zohra Sumantri
Hair & Make Up : Ariyuanita Timor
Suit : Wildenberg Ynformal
Rings : Juwelier Franken
Videographer : Light and Love
Venue, Decoration, Catering, Entertainment, MC & Coordination : Puri Taman Sari
Cake : Angel’s Kitchen