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This & That : What Happens in Indonesia, Bring It to Holland

Well or not because the rule is always, you can’t have everything you want. Or some things are better be somewhere else and you can enjoy it while you are there.

I love karaoke! And I went like dozens time when I was in Indonesia. There you could go easily to a karaoke place, choose the room size you want and for how many hours and then just sing to whatever your heart content. And bring many friends because the more the merrier.

Since there is no such karaoke place here in Holland, or at least none of those Asian type of karaoke place so we bought a karaoke machine and I could sing to whatever the youtube provides me. Well most of the time it is me and friends who are going crazy for it. Peter and other Dutch just happily watch from far away. Haha. Other cultural differences between Asian (Indonesian) and Westerner (Dutch). Who knew Indonesian could be so extrovert inside the karaoke room.

PS: in all photos ignore my fat chubby face, I gained what look like more than 5kg (GASP) in 2 months I was. Blame it totally on the delicious Indonesian food.

Oh also that most photos were made with pocket cam so don’t judge 🙂

You could even order food and drinks to your room if you want. Whoa!

And our karaoke at home. See my face has lost some (Yeah Some) of it’s chubbines. Wish me luck on my way to shed this holiday bulge.

This is one of many culprits of chubby face. Food cart coming directly in front of your house. Sigh but really I wish we had this here.

If that’s not enough, you could even have those food delivered to the comfort of your very own home. Just sms or call and voila they are on the table. I even went as far as delivery order the McDonalds hahaha just because I can!

While I was in Surabaya I learned how to make fondant figurine from a dear friend, Mae from DapurMae. We have known each other way back then when we started foodblog. It turned out she is as talented as food photographer and as cake maker. I adore her creations so an afternoon class was in order.

This was at the end of class where we made one of her assistant took a picture as if we were still doing the lesson, you could basically see we were about to burst in laughter for our fake action.

My creations 🙂 guess who they are?

And this little naughty number I made for a certain bachelorette party for a certain friend. 😉 So how did I do?

Other thing that amazes me but couldn’t take to Hollland were the gigantic malls I found in big cities like Jakarta or Surabaya. It is common to find a mall that is more than 5 storeys high. Also if they have Plaza I it is likely that adjacent to it there would be Plaza II, III, some even up until V. You could find pretty much the whole city centre inside and probably even more. Many kinds of shops (clothing, electronics, homewares etc), karaoke place, food court, playzone, cinema.

And even a HUGE skating ring.

One more thing I wanted to take to Holland was a scooter that could ride onto a normal street. As you know scooter here could do minimum things.

Mind you after 5 years of not riding the scooter I braved myself to ride it again because my friend behind me couldn’t ride this automatic one. And haha after 5 years I didn’t forget anything.

But eh my scooter costume was not up to the Indonesian standard yet because there usually you have to wear hand gloves and socks. If you think those are for protection then you are wrong. We wear those there more because we do not want to get tan or even worse stripey tan like what I got because of the shape of my sandals.

Happy Friday! Also Ramadhan Mubarak for my fellow moslem all around the globe!