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Food Friday : (No Bake Deliciousness) Tiramisu

I’ve been baking like a mad woman for the past weeks. Birthdays, farewel came all together in February. It seems that February is a busy month for social occasions. After twice baking cakes I felt like no baking at all yet still wanted to produce something delicious and cute but with minimum fuss. Tiramisu is the answer! Not that I’ve never made tiramisu before but usually I just piled them inside a bowl and be done with it. But this time I made it Indonesian style which involved some effort but still very minimum. I didn’t know that us Indonesian have the obsession to make food look pretty like this until someone made a remark, ‘oh Indonesian style tiramisu’. Not until then that I realized oh yeah I’ve actually never seen this kind of tiramisu here. But it is pretty right, right?

Tiramisu cake anyone?

For recipe do visit my foodblog here 🙂 Happy Friday!

Food Friday : Sambal Bu Romy and Nasi Udang Bu Rudy

Sambal Bu Romy is actually a joke I made. There’s this famous rumah makan (restaurant) in Surabaya, East Java with the name Rumah Makan Ibu Rudy. This restaurant has  a particular dish as their speciality.  The dish is called Nasi Udang Sambal Bu Rudy. Nasi means rice, udang means shrimp (in this case a very tiny winy ones), sambal means Indonesian hot chili paste (well I’m sure you all know what this is), Bu means  madam or missus. So yes it’s a rice dish with fried shrimp and hot sambal ala Mrs. Rudy.

To tell you the truth I only had it once, my dear friend Mbak Rachmah took me there when I was in Surabaya last year. But one would never forget the hotness of the sambal once one tried it. Well that if you are a fan of sambal. And I am a fan so when other food blogger friends were talking about Sambal Bu Rudy recipes that’s going around. I was more than ready to make it myself.  And since the sambal is made here I named it Sambal Bu Romy. Because yeah Romy the cat is the Mrs. of this house.

But besides sambal and shrimp, the dish has other condiments to complete it. They are serundeng (spiced dried shredded coconut) and kremesan (spiced crumbs, it is actually leftover from flour batter of the crispy shrimp)

So are you ready to be on fire, literally? If yes, let get cracking and make this in your own kitchen. If not then just enjoy the photos! Have a Great Friday!

The dish with the crispy shrimp.

Left, serundeng. Right, kremesan.

I made this quite a while ago, so right now I am drooling over this!

Do serve it with fresh condiments such as cucumber and tomatoes.

For recipe do visit my foodblog here.

Food Friday : Food Photography, DSLR vs iPod

Last week I made this chocolate tart for the bimonthly assignment of my virtual baking club. Baking went fine, there was just a small glitch because I was baking the assignment way too close to deadline I barely had the time to take proper photograph and send it to the host. But nowadays I do have a solution for such situation. I first took photography with my small iPod touch, send away my report so I made the deadline and later with DSLR.

Now my way of this too close to deadline is not a good example to be followed (add sheepish grin here). But I promise I’m getting to my point here. Sometimes you are discouraged with your camera, you think you can’t produce pretty image without a big DSLR and you wait and wait until you have a DSLR before you learn how to take photos. Well I’m telling you dear friends, don’t be discouraged because the camera do not make the photos but the person is. Sure that good camera helps you with image sharpness, color and such but camera doesn’t have your eyes, your eyes that see the beautiful composition or only your eyes can find the best light around. So don’t hesitate whatever your camera might be, big, small or even a little iPod touch like mine, just shoot away. Go out there and do LOTS of practice.

These two photos were shot with the iPod.

And these two were shot with the DSLR.

See all photos whether it was shot with the iPod or DSLR turned out to be pretty. Anyway if you would like to try the recipe for the Rich Chocolate Tart, do click the link. Happy Friday dear friends!