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Indonesia March – May 2012 : Bali Part II

I’m almost going there again and my blog about last travel was not complete yet. Eeek bear with me I’m almost there. So where were we.

One of the most cliche tourist spot in Bali, Kuta Beach. You can avoid it if you don’t like crowded place but if it’s your first time I think you have to go there just to find out why is this one of the most popular beach in Bali.

Nasi Pedas Bu Andika. Jl. Raya Kuta Gg. Kubu no. 120 C (In Front of Supernova Supermarket)
If you don’t like anything super HOT. Don’t go there. The name of the food stall reveals it all. Nasi = Rice, Pedas = Hot, Bu Andika = Mrs. Andika.

Upon arriving you will be greeted with an array of side dishes that you can choose yourself to accompany your rice. It is only fair that every side dishes has it’s own price, thus the more side dishes you choose the more price you need to pay later. And big piece of meat/chicken of course would always be more expensive than a portion of stir fried tofu for example.

My friend Ferli is an avid street photographer. So one late afternoon I decided to follow him and his brother around to Pasar Badung. It is the main market in Denpasar and Bali. I don’t think I would ever be a good street photographer though. Because I was more interested in the food and buying them than photographing things that going on around the market.

When you go to this market. You are either an end customer or a reseller. But even if you are an end customer I bet you would need these girls to carry your shopping around. They will follow you while you make your purchase. And when you finish they would load it into your car. How convinient. But I’m amazed at their ability to carry kilograms of stuff on their heads. Thing that I would never be able to do.

But these bamboo baskets are holding an important role in the market. As you can see they are also used as container for the seller to put their wares.

Eeeeh the tray of eggs on the left looks very risky.

Janur or young coconut leaves is one staple needs of people in Bali. As the majority of the population are Hindu therefore they need this to make their beautiful offerings.

These are one of daily offerings made from janur and colourful flowers.

Young and old are all working in the market.

And how they are so creative in using their motorbike.

Ha probably the whole kiosk was on that motorbike.

My friend and his beautiful family.

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Indonesia March – May 2012 : Bali Part I

Although Bali is not my birth place but I had been living there for more than 20 years before I moved to Europe. It’s the place where I grew up, where all my friends are. That’s why most of my activities when I was there were just all mundane daily activities. Mostly about eating here and there. So I’m very sorry if this blogpost just turned into a mini food guide of (Denpasar) Bali. Enjoy the photos and don’t forget about me when you do get to visit these places.

Nasi Goreng Barokah Sugeng. Jl. Diponegoro, Denpasar. They do mean fried rice!

Denpasar most sought after snack tipat cantok (rice cake with vegetables and peanut sauce) and rujak kuah pindang (fruit salad with fish sauce).  This place has been a legend since long time.

Rujak Gelogor Jl. Bukit Tunggal n0. 27, Pemecutan Depnasar

Tipat cantok.

And for dessert, savoury, sweet, super hot rujak kuah pindang.

These were home cooked food, cooked by my bestfriend. There were from left, stir fried vegetables, sambal tomat (tomato sambal), ikan pindang in sambal (fried mackerel in sambal sauce), ikan pindang without sambal, sambal bongkot (torch ginger sambal), and fried chicken and tofu.

The highlight of the dish was this. One oh my favourites sambal. Sadly torch ginger is not available in Holland. So always eat plenty of this while in Bali.

My plate was full of sambal goodness, and for once forget about the veggies.

Siomay Bandung. Lapangan Renon Denpasar. There are many of this kind of card selling siomay Bandung around Lapangan Renon. Just go around the field and I’m sure you will spot them easily.

Hmm yummy steamed little morsels of siomay (dumpling filled with fish paste), egg, potato, cabbage, tofu and bitter gourd. Topped with peanut sauce and if you desire sambal and kecap.

But once in a blue moon we also went to a place without a cart like this one. Klapa Jl. New Kuta Beach, Pecatu Indah Resort. Didn’t take any photo of the food. Probably too busy chewing :p

Magnificent view.

Underneath is Dreamland beach.

Oh ok I promise you this is the last place without cart. There’s this place we haven’t been, my friend Ayu and I wanted to check it out. So off we go to Rock Bar in Ayana Resort Jl. Karang Mas Sejahtera, Jimbaran, Bali.

Whoa how did they build that on the rock?

Sipping passion fruit tea with the Indian Ocean as the background.

Sunrise or sunset in Bali never bore me.

Yes back to the reality to this little warung that sells nasi lawar kuwir. Nasi means rice. Lawar is a Balinese dish usually consist of minced meat, coconut, young jackfruit base genep (Balinese spice mix). Kuwir is barbary duck or also known as muscovy duck in English.

But no don’t ask me where this place was. We went little bit out of town from Denpasar-Kerobokan and along the way to Tanah Lot was this place. Maybe if you are curious you can always call them and ask the exact location.

My two lovely guides.

Until next time with Part II.

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How Time Flies : Jozua 1st Birthday Party

Do you remember my friend Thata? You can check out her wedding here and here. Her maternity photos here. Aaaaand baby Jozua’s newborn photos here. Pfiuh I promise you it’s not that I stalked them or anything.

But I couldn’t believe that baby Jozua is not a baby anymore. He just turned ONE. Wow how time flies. And since baby only turned one once in their life, there had to be something special to be done. Voila Thata with the help of her family and friends magically made a sweet table with a very appropriate theme for a one year old. With all the trimmings, that and a full time job. Not sure where she got all the energy from. I probably have to sneak into her house and find out her secret.

Happy birthday Jozua. For many many more years to come 🙂

The birthday cake was also self made.

On the left here is perkedel (Indonesian potato patties). On the left is glutinous rice with spicy shredded coconut.

Yummy cocktail sausage wrapped with pastry on the right. While on the left was a smart way to use the push up cake container.


Healthy snacks should be included too, mixed fruit and vegetables with dip.

On the left is meatballs. And you all know what is on the right, duck cookies.

Also a smart way to use the macaron tower.

Err like that woman didn’t have anything else to do but covering all the juice packs with own label. But I must say it is very neat.

While mommy, daddy and big brother were serious about blowing the candle. Jozua was more interested in touching the candle!