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Maria & Ludwig : Den Haag Wedding Photography

Although with little bit of pain I said goodbye to my last wedding of this year. But I think it was a nice way to end the season with this super cute couple. Maria came from Russia and Ludwig came from Sweden and together they live in Den Haag. Marrying as a foreigner in Holland is quite a bureaucracy, I’ve been there so I know. So all they wanted was to get married with the most important people, their parents and two witnesses. Luckily for us that day was the most beautiful day of the week after sun and rain the week before.

Maria and Ludwig, thank you for the chance to capture your wedding. We wish you nothing but the happines together, forever and ever. 🙂

YAY married!

Wait, what’s this big beautiful box?

Maria’s parents brought this traditional Russian wedding bread for the to…..

….. bite on.

What a lovely sunshine.

We went to beautiful Binnenhof to take the portraits.

Ah so stunning.

Can’t they be any cuter? 🙂

I really love Ludwig suit. I wonder how to persuade Peter to wear something like this.

She braved the frozen weather with this dress! And oh what a beautiful bouquet that is.

When the sun was gone, we headed for some more photos at Hotel Des Indes.