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Back in Time with Bella

That picture above was from 2010 as you can see from the watermark. I bought Bella because she (yes I decided that its a she) was cute and afterall blue. How can you go wrong with that. Two years on I still haven’t gotten any photos out of her. No not that I didn’t do anything with her but 2 years were exactly how long I manage to finish her 1 roll film, and 1 roll was only 12 film. Eeps!

Anyhow when the processing of film was done. Peter did it by the way, not in the world that I could do it. I don’t remember anymore where and when I took the photo. Lol.

Enjoy some of the photos. Probably if I didn’t say they were taken between 2010-2012 I could get away by saying they were from the 50’s.

The first two were taken at Zaanse Schans.

This one was at Haarzuilens Castle.

A very touristy place Volendam.

Another castle, this one Heeswijk-Dinther Castle. Remember the wedding of Sulis and Marijn was taking place here.

Somewhere in the woods in Hellendoornseberg – Overijssel.

Eh look what I found in the woods.

2011 Image Recap

There’s nothing better to start off the year with the recap of 2011. Or should I first recap since I started this photography blog since I also added my first images from end of 2010. I would say 2011 was a lot of blessing, many things I have learned business and life wise. Enjoy the images and have a great start for the new year!

Hesti & Maarten Anytime


Thata & Gabriel Civil Wedding


Thata & Gabriel Wedding


Astri Portrait


Steve Portrait


Novi Portrait


Jessica Claire Workshop


Sulis & Marijn Wedding


Inne & Paulus Maternity


Jenia & Benoit Wedding


Ayu & Gino Anytime


Ayu Portrait


Yurina & Albert Anytime


Novian Bridal Styled Shoot


Thata Maternity Boudoir


Ayu & Gino Wedding


Angela & Jeroen Wedding


Julija Maternity


N Boudoir


Jong Java Food Photography


Erasmus Coffee Cups


Jozua Newborn

Sulis and Marijn : Heeswijk – Dinther Wedding Photography

Last Friday I together with Peter were very lucky to photograph the wedding of dear friends Sulis and Marijn in Heeswijk – Dinther. Their story began couple of years ago when they met through the ‘internet highway’. She said he should come to Indonesia if he thought this could lead to something more serious. He took her dare and they met for the first time in Java, Indonesia. Yes their love blossomed from there and then but Marijn had to go back to Holland and they had to be apart. Sulis then came to Holland to work and finally they are reunited for good. Finally yesterday surrounded by their closest friends and family, they celebrated their love. Sulis and Marijn, I was very honored to be able to capture your most important day. I wish you both all the happiness in the world.

This traditional Indonesian wedding dress and shoes came all the way from Indonesia.

I thought these miniature Borobudur statues were very much appropriate with the Indonesian theme they were having.

While I was taking photographys of Sulis, Peter was busy as well with Marijn.

The stunning bride is ready for her groom.

I am loving the fact that by culture bride and groom in Holland always do first look.

The wedding ceremony took place in a Heeswijk – Dinther Castle and we had plenty of time to take portraits.

Isn’t she the most stunning bride in this dress, btw the name of this traditional dress is Kebaya.

After the ceremony we still had time to take portraits so we didn’t waste our time.

Not forgetting these two sweets nephew and niece who were the ‘bruidskinderen’.

We headed straight to the party afterwards.

If you would like to view more pictures, do click the slideshow here.