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Indonesia March – May 2012 : Bali Part I

Although Bali is not my birth place but I had been living there for more than 20 years before I moved to Europe. It’s the place where I grew up, where all my friends are. That’s why most of my activities when I was there were just all mundane daily activities. Mostly about eating here and there. So I’m very sorry if this blogpost just turned into a mini food guide of (Denpasar) Bali. Enjoy the photos and don’t forget about me when you do get to visit these places.

Nasi Goreng Barokah Sugeng. Jl. Diponegoro, Denpasar. They do mean fried rice!

Denpasar most sought after snack tipat cantok (rice cake with vegetables and peanut sauce) and rujak kuah pindang (fruit salad with fish sauce). Β This place has been a legend since long time.

Rujak Gelogor Jl. Bukit Tunggal n0. 27, Pemecutan Depnasar

Tipat cantok.

And for dessert, savoury, sweet, super hot rujak kuah pindang.

These were home cooked food, cooked by my bestfriend. There were from left, stir fried vegetables, sambal tomat (tomato sambal), ikan pindang in sambal (fried mackerel in sambal sauce), ikan pindang without sambal, sambal bongkot (torch ginger sambal), and fried chicken and tofu.

The highlight of the dish was this. One oh my favourites sambal. Sadly torch ginger is not available in Holland. So always eat plenty of this while in Bali.

My plate was full of sambal goodness, and for once forget about the veggies.

Siomay Bandung. Lapangan Renon Denpasar. There are many of this kind of card selling siomay Bandung around Lapangan Renon. Just go around the field and I’m sure you will spot them easily.

Hmm yummy steamed little morsels of siomay (dumpling filled with fish paste), egg, potato, cabbage, tofu and bitter gourd. Topped with peanut sauce and if you desire sambal and kecap.

But once in a blue moon we also went to a place without a cart like this one. Klapa Jl. New Kuta Beach, Pecatu Indah Resort. Didn’t take any photo of the food. Probably too busy chewing :p

Magnificent view.

Underneath is Dreamland beach.

Oh ok I promise you this is the last place without cart. There’s this place we haven’t been, my friend Ayu and I wanted to check it out. So off we go to Rock Bar in Ayana Resort Jl. Karang Mas Sejahtera, Jimbaran, Bali.

Whoa how did they build that on the rock?

Sipping passion fruit tea with the Indian Ocean as the background.

Sunrise or sunset in Bali never bore me.

Yes back to the reality to this little warung that sells nasi lawar kuwir. Nasi means rice. Lawar is a Balinese dish usually consist of minced meat, coconut, young jackfruit base genep (Balinese spice mix). Kuwir is barbary duck or also known as muscovy duck in English.

But no don’t ask me where this place was. We went little bit out of town from Denpasar-Kerobokan and along the way to Tanah Lot was this place. Maybe if you are curious you can always call them and ask the exact location.

My two lovely guides.

Until next time with Part II.

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Jakarta Part I

Indonesia March – May 2012 : Surabaya

My birth city Surabaya, I was there quite long but as I flipped through the photos, there weren’t that many photos I made there with the big camera. I suppose I enjoyed my time too much there that I didn’t care about taking photos. But some that I took I’m sharing with you today. Mostly of food πŸ™‚ Happy midweek!

I stayed at one of my sweetest friend home Mbak R. She is a known name for homebaked goods especially for this klappertaart. Check her drool worthy website here. And yes I’m not biased, this was the best klappy I ever tasted, ever! Not too sweet and filling, good balance of tartiness and sweetnes and the texture from the young coconut meat, raisins and almond made it a pleasant experience for your palate.

And eh, in front of her house I found what I believe the Surabaya version of Whitty?

One of my fave dish of Surabaya, tahu campur.

There are many dishes from Surabaya that are made from petis (fish paste) and this one is no exception, tahu campur (literally means mixed tofu). Egg noodle, tofu, lento (fried cassava fritter), salad leaves, beef brisket with savoury petis based soup, topped with krupuk. Divine!

We also went to the Padangnese restaurant. Now the way of eating in this restaurant is different than the other. First the waiter will bring you many plates of side dishes but afraid not, you don’t have to finish everything. The rule is when you take one plate of side dish then you have to pay for them.

See the waiter with his hands full of dishes.

Shopping malls in Indonesia are crazy. Some open until 2am in the weekend just to proof it we went there and it was still packed with mall goers. Wondering when will that ever happen here in Holland?

And as any other bizzare things in Indonesia, found this guy just laying down relaxed on top of a moving vehicle.

For Mbak R daughter’s birthday, we celebrated at this cozy traditional restaurant, Dewa Ndaru.

Must say that I was addicted to the morning glory tempura style on the left. It was crunchy with sweet savoury sauce. So much I loved that dish that I actually forgotten what the rest was. @_@

The birthday cake that I helped making with Mbak R’s sister. Yes it would be a waste if you stayed with one top cake maker if you didn’t learn a thing or two.

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Jakarta Part I

Indonesia March – May 2012 : Malang

Malang, a cool lively city south of Surabaya. Off we went with both my good friends in Surabaya, Mbak R and Ces. The main focus was of course culinary journey and meeting blogger friends.

Still a common view in the villages, people washing their clothes in the river.

Before entering the city we went off the road and visited 2 old temples just outside Malang. This one was Candi Sumberawan.

My country, so pretty πŸ™‚

Some offerings for the spirits.

And another one, Candi Singosari.

Off we went to have lunch and meet fellow food bloggers. They picked this cozy place, Pondok Desa Kampung Telaga. The place is surrounded by water and

This one in particular was not a happy meal, the squid was as tough as rubber. πŸ˜›

But the rest of the foods were nice. Left was fish in a sauce that I don’t remember anymore and right was tumis kangkung (stir fried morning glory).

Left the glorious fried tempe and right if I’m not mistaken fish in sweet sour sauce.

Refreshing sayur asam (Indonesian sour soup).

Makes my mouth water seeing this again.

My plate.

The fishes in the pond were eager to catch the food. Good activity to occupy the children a little while.

Mbak R and Tata Bonita.

From there we moved to another traditional restaurant, Taman Indie. It seems nowadays such place is a trend in Indonesia. Or in general I think since vintage theme became so happening these days.

An old fashioned kitchen as I remember from my grandmother’s kitchen when I was small. If you wonder what is the thing on the right, it’s a water jug made from clay. It keeps the water very cool and refreshing.

On the way back from Malang we were still adventurous and went to eat at Surabaya Plaza Hotel. Now there they have Nasi Goreng Jancuk, Jancuk is sort of swearing word but in this term a good way. Like a bad ass fried rice. Why bad ass? Because it was so friggin’ spicy! Like out of this world spicy! We ordered one wok! Yep a huge one, with a pitcher of ice tea. Now they also had a choice of 2 pitchers but we were naive thought that it wouldn’t be too hot. And it was!!! If you are a chilli lover, you have to try it but if not then stay away! Couldn’t believe I used so many exclamation mark. But it was really the higlight of our trip of the day.

Happy face before eating πŸ˜›

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Jakarta Part I