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Olivia & Ruud : Best Engagement Photography

Another BFF is getting married, eh another one? And who’s the (un)lucky one to document it for them. Hahaha kidding kidding. I’ve known Olive way back end 2006 when I first moved to Belgium. At that time she was also in Belgium but our schedule didn’t match that we just connect via telephone and friendster (gasp friendster!). Not until early 2007 when I moved to Holland and coincidentally she moved to Holland as well. After we find out that we both lived close by we decided to meet and the rest is history.

Now about Olivia and Ruud, I don’t know where to begin to describe these two. They are rare in a good way. From the way they kiss and tell about each other’s bad habit or the way they compete  for who gets to eat the last portion of food. For others it might just sound like everyday bickering but only them could make it sound and look cute. But put them apart and they can’t seem to live without each other either. For someone who has been witnessing about their story for years and finally they are going to tie the knot. I say Hoera!

Olive and Ruud, can’t wait for your wedding next year (oh why still so long waiting) in BALI!

Eh wait a sec, 13-03-13? On my birthday? Your wedding. How dare you guys! But such an honour you use my birthday as wedding day. LOL.

Since Ruud is a graphic designer so he made these for their wedding stationery.

A giant new foundlander with an equally a big heart came passing by for a walk, we just had to take pictures with him. Well it ended with only these two shots before he came running into my face and trying to give his best greetings.

Food Photography : Jong Java

Jong Java is an Indonesian takeaway located in Den Haag. Glen and Lili the owner came to me on how they are planning to expand their business in Delft and Helmond. I immediately share this young couple enthusiasm and passion in what they do. How they want to create a modern yet authentic Indonesian take away. I was more than thrilled as well to capture their food and translate their wishes into photographs. Not to mention that I got to eat them all when I finished!

Mas Glen and Mbak Lili, I’m wishing you both all the success with the business!

Jong Java
Goeverneurlaan 662
2523 CR Den Haag

NTBO Network Evening : North Brabant

Last Tuesday we attended the NTBO event in Breda but we also got the chance to photographed it as well. There we met many colleagues from the wedding industry and it is always nice to meet new inspiring people. Gezellig as we would say it in Dutch!

The event took place at this beautiful Theaterdinersalon de Avenue. If you live around Breda and looking for a wedding or other party venue, you should definitely check them out.

Downstair at The Theaterzaal we were entertained by Marcel Harmsen from Broek Buuren Theater & Evenementen. He made us laugh with his witty jokes about the wedding industry.

Afterwards we were ready to move upstairs to The Societeit room. Yes they have two places that you could choose from.

While busy mingling with colleagues and also eating delicious snacks, we were also entertained by DJ Robert de Haas from Sky Fly.

You could also find the photos at NTBO site and The Perfect Wedding blog.