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Food Photography : Jong Java

Jong Java is an Indonesian takeaway located in Den Haag. Glen and Lili the owner came to me on how they are planning to expand their business in Delft and Helmond. I immediately share this young couple enthusiasm and passion in what they do. How they want to create a modern yet authentic Indonesian take away. I was more than thrilled as well to capture their food and translate their wishes into photographs. Not to mention that I got to eat them all when I finished!

Mas Glen and Mbak Lili, I’m wishing you both all the success with the business!

Jong Java
Goeverneurlaan 662
2523 CR Den Haag

Colourful Accordion Mini Album

After a long search on the net, I finally found a product that I’ve been looking for all these times. Colourful, cute but yet elegant mini album. A product that represents my kind of photography. I’m proud to present this mini album to clients who would like to showcase their photos because photos are so much better printed than just kept in DVD that sits in the drawer and never seen the daylight. Have a peek at some of them here and for complete list do not hesitate to contact me.

The accordion mini album holds up to 10 13x18cm photos and what’s fun about them you could treat them as a mini album or showcase them on the shelf. They come in many colours as well as some neutral colours. The cover is from soft linen and tied with matching satin ribbon, the inside paper come in black or white depending on the model.

It’s All in the Blue : New Custom Packaging

That I am a crazy blue color fan, is a known fact. When you go and see my house, you’ll understand. When you see my clothes, you’ll understand. But why go that far, just look at this blog, you get it right? It all began long time ago in my early teens, my sister and I started to decide on what color we would like since that point. Jeez teenagers could be really weird that way, favourite color decision was a life changing crucial moment, trust me. We decided blue it was and though I’m not sure whether it is still my sister’s favourite color, I still love it until this very day.

Am I blabbling too much until this point? Because trust me, we are getting to my point now. These photos below are my some of my packaging products and business cards which were designed around the main designed of the website and blog. They were designed of course by lovely husband. Aren’t they cute, don’t you just want to grab them? So if you’re a client be prepared to receive this cuteness at your very own home.

DVD Cover.

Extra cute with ribbon. Although to tell you the truth, I’m still yet to find a baroque theme blue ribbon, probably custom made for later.

Thank you card.

Hand written, of course with blue pen. But mind you my messy handwriting.

Address lable.

Last but not least, business cards.

Now off I go because I still yet to find a thank you gift for client and referral. Oui sweet, I give gift as well. 🙂 Any suggestion for gifts dear reader?