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UK Trip – Beautiful Lake District

This part of UK was actually our main destination because the workshop I attended was there. But somehow we only stayed there for 3 day due to the bad weather, nothing but rain and cold. Although I suppose it is a common weather up on there but I’m not the one who will happily stroll around in the rain. Despite the rain I would still suggest you to go there, it is a beautiful place not to mentions┬ámountainous, something that we don’t have here in the low land. Nevertheless enjoy the pretty Lake District. Happy (almost) weekend!

On the way to Lake District, I kinda like the shape of the cloud mimicking the shape of the tree. Funny eh?

Common traffic jam on the M6.

The lake, pretty yet mysterious with all the fog.

The red telephone box was not a myth, they’re everywhere and it helps that they’re photogenic as well.