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Indonesia March – May 2012 : Bali Part I

Although Bali is not my birth place but I had been living there for more than 20 years before I moved to Europe. It’s the place where I grew up, where all my friends are. That’s why most of my activities when I was there were just all mundane daily activities. Mostly about eating here and there. So I’m very sorry if this blogpost just turned into a mini food guide of (Denpasar) Bali. Enjoy the photos and don’t forget about me when you do get to visit these places.

Nasi Goreng Barokah Sugeng. Jl. Diponegoro, Denpasar. They do mean fried rice!

Denpasar most sought after snack tipat cantok (rice cake with vegetables and peanut sauce) and rujak kuah pindang (fruit salad with fish sauce).  This place has been a legend since long time.

Rujak Gelogor Jl. Bukit Tunggal n0. 27, Pemecutan Depnasar

Tipat cantok.

And for dessert, savoury, sweet, super hot rujak kuah pindang.

These were home cooked food, cooked by my bestfriend. There were from left, stir fried vegetables, sambal tomat (tomato sambal), ikan pindang in sambal (fried mackerel in sambal sauce), ikan pindang without sambal, sambal bongkot (torch ginger sambal), and fried chicken and tofu.

The highlight of the dish was this. One oh my favourites sambal. Sadly torch ginger is not available in Holland. So always eat plenty of this while in Bali.

My plate was full of sambal goodness, and for once forget about the veggies.

Siomay Bandung. Lapangan Renon Denpasar. There are many of this kind of card selling siomay Bandung around Lapangan Renon. Just go around the field and I’m sure you will spot them easily.

Hmm yummy steamed little morsels of siomay (dumpling filled with fish paste), egg, potato, cabbage, tofu and bitter gourd. Topped with peanut sauce and if you desire sambal and kecap.

But once in a blue moon we also went to a place without a cart like this one. Klapa Jl. New Kuta Beach, Pecatu Indah Resort. Didn’t take any photo of the food. Probably too busy chewing :p

Magnificent view.

Underneath is Dreamland beach.

Oh ok I promise you this is the last place without cart. There’s this place we haven’t been, my friend Ayu and I wanted to check it out. So off we go to Rock Bar in Ayana Resort Jl. Karang Mas Sejahtera, Jimbaran, Bali.

Whoa how did they build that on the rock?

Sipping passion fruit tea with the Indian Ocean as the background.

Sunrise or sunset in Bali never bore me.

Yes back to the reality to this little warung that sells nasi lawar kuwir. Nasi means rice. Lawar is a Balinese dish usually consist of minced meat, coconut, young jackfruit base genep (Balinese spice mix). Kuwir is barbary duck or also known as muscovy duck in English.

But no don’t ask me where this place was. We went little bit out of town from Denpasar-Kerobokan and along the way to Tanah Lot was this place. Maybe if you are curious you can always call them and ask the exact location.

My two lovely guides.

Until next time with Part II.

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Indonesia March – May 2012 : Madura

Anyone heard of Madura before? Well it’s an island north Surabaya. When I was little my aunt whom at the time worked in Madura always took me there with the ferry from Surabaya. But since 2009 you don’t need to do that anymore because they have built an enormous bridge connecting Java the main island with Madura.

I went again with Mbak Lia and her gank. Eventhough I’ve been there many times before but it was only to the east part of Madura (Sumenep) where my aunt had lived. For this 1 day outing we went to the west part (Bangkalan) which is the closest part to the bridge.

Misty Suramadu Bridge in the morning.

Welcome in Madura.

First we went to find some breakfast. This rice based dish name was nasi serpang. I somehow find it is similar to nasi krawu in Gresik. Mbak Lia said indeed true because people from Madura created nasi krawu.

As if that wasn’t enough we went to another place. Warung Amboina was the name and they served traditional Javanese dishes such as this picture below soto babat (tripe soup). Besides this they also served nasi campur (mixed rice), nasi rawon (black beef soup), nasi telur petis (egg with shrimp paste sauce).

The place has been around for third generation now but they maintain theyir traditionality. Even the server still write the order on the wooden plank for the kitchen staff to see.

We were full and satisfied but show must goes on, we stopped by at Bangkalan Market and I came across this lady selling salt. Mind you since Madura’s land is not as fertile as Java they can’t really have same crops like Java such as rice. But Madura however is famous for it’s salt. It gains it’s nickname Pulau Garam (Salt Island) because of it.

A normal view in Indonesia.

We stopped by to admire the beauty of the beach in Bangkalan.

My two beautiful friends 🙂 Mbak Lia and Mbak Tjita.

Our last stop and also the highlight of the day was the batik Madura centre. There you could see the making of batik Madura. Batik Madura gains its a unique batik due to their more colourful and bold pattern. We went crazy there because not only the batik were so pretty but since we were at the place where they make them, price was very nice as well.

Before we left, they also showed us the workshop where they make they batik.

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