Angela & Jeroen : Rotterdam Wedding Photography Part II

If you haven’t checked out the first part, you should but for this second part prepare yourself for cuteness overload full of all sweet things and colours.

We headed to the inside garden of the town hall to make more portraits of Angela and Jeroen. Since I’ve been here before, Ayu and I had to be creative in finding new angle.

While I was taking pictures of Angela, Ayu was also busy taking pictures of Jeroen.

The next two are Ayu’s perspectives.

This is my perspective. Nice thing when you have two persons taking pictures, you always going to have two different perspectives.

As we walked to the party venue, we had to take pictures with this grafitti. I have seen it earlier that day and I made a mental note that we had to go there. And I think it’s kinda cool, it screams Rotterdam with it’s urban feel.

Next to the grafitti we found a bike and voila.

These twin brothers also nephews of Angela and they are full of surprises. These shots taken by Ayu.

After that we went directly to the party venue at Salsability. Angela and Jeroen were surprised because apparently the guests were singing a special song for them when they enter the place.

The card on the right is their invitation and it was designed by Jeroen, well since he is a designer graphis anyway. JA means yes in Dutch but it means Jeroen and Angela, how neat is that.

The cake was made by Angela’s sister, and it definitely suited the theme of the party. And it tasted delish as well!

Theme for their high tea party was as you can see here, Alice in Wonderland.

The team from Bonnier’s Home Catering prepared all these delightful sweets.

Can you see the edible decor similar as their invitation. Oh and by the way they collected many cups, saucers, plates, fork and spoons. Guests could take one set of cup and saucer home as a souvenirs but nevertheless they had way too many and I would say, these two below are occupying my cupboard now (plus probably tons of other stuff). ^^

They also made some of the plates and cups into unique individual tiers. Such a neat idea I’m copying that idea soon!

Awwww macarons!

The chocolates from Onwijs Lekker were divine as well.

Enough high tea related activites to occupy the kids.

Special tribute to Oma of Jeroen who died peacefully 3 days after the wedding. Condolences to the family although I’m sure she is smiling happily because she got the chance to attend her grandson’s wedding.

8 thoughts on “Angela & Jeroen : Rotterdam Wedding Photography Part II

  1. Wim van Ardenne

    Beste Frans en Mirjam,

    Wat een mooie en gelukkige foto’s van jullie dochter en schoonzoon. Het bruidspaar ziet er soms plechtig en heel vaak erg gelukkig uit. Leuke details van de voorbereidingen en van de kinderen. Ook de feestelijkheden komen in beeld. De kijker wordt gronologisch door de hele dag aan de hand meegenomen, mooi om te zien, fijn om mee te maken!

    Veel geluk gewenst voor het bruidspaar en wederzijdse ouders.

    Groeten Wim en Emmie van Ardenne.

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