Carol & Rick : De Meern Wedding Anniversary Photography

For me it is a compliment when I show up photographing a wedding or a wedding anniversary party at this case and they thought I was a friend of Carol rather than just a photographer taking pictures. Everytime I meet new clients it is always in the hope that I will make new friends and I’m so glad when they are also on the same page.  The first time I met Carol (and also Rick) we were instantly connected through our Asian background. Carol being Singapore American and moved to Holland just couple years ago after they got married in America, I totally relate to that.

The 5th wedding anniversary of Carol and Rick were perfect because they were surrounded by family and friends who adore them. There were enough activities to occupy the children and the adults could still have their own conversation. And it didn’t hurt that the weather was cooperating as well. Carol and Rick, thank you for having us! It was surely a great pleasure being there. Happy anniversary and to many many more happy and healthy life together with Lucas and Evan.

These were demolished in a very short time. And yay I got to taste them and they were fab!

Lucas and Evan probably were thinking what to do with all the toys.

Oh bouncy castle!

Beautiful family 🙂

The people from in2me Events were really making the kids busy and happy with all the activities.

The little boy wanted to join in with the ladies.

Being mesmerised by the clown. So cute.

Tasty tapas and the most photogenic bread I’ve ever seen.

Then it was time for us to leave the party at Brasserie Abrona.

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