Jessica Claire / Aspire Photography Training : Cumbria, England – The ‘Wedding’

Yes I’m back from England and before I share any further photos of England I would like to share you these photos from Jessica Claire workshop that I attended. Jessica has been one of my favorites for quite some time and when couple of months ago I found out that she was going to give a workshop in England, being an impulsive person that I am I jumped at the chance that very moment. The road to England wasn’t easy as you may have read from previous post but it was very worth while.

That wednesday was a bit wet and chilly but I crossed my fingers before I left for the workshop. Upon entering I thought I was going to be late since the rather mad GPS sent us to the other building but I was just on time and Melanie from Aspire immediately gave me a name tag with my name, yes they knew beforehand who you were which I find it a very personal and sweet from them. They asked me whether I wanted to drink coffee or tea and handed me a pencil and some papers. As they led to me to sit on one of the couch and drank my tea I felt totally at ease. Jessica started her workshop of the day and yes she was awesome. She was exactly as you would read her writings on her blog, a very down to earth person, one wouldn’t guess that she is top world 10 wedding photographer if one would meet her accidentally on the street. The class was very relaxed, Jessica encouraged us throughout her class to ask questions along the way so we would converse with her in an informal way rather than her talking all the time. She talked about all her experienced, how she started, all the business and marketing side of photography, the mistakes and many other inspirational things were covered that day.

Before things got heaten up we had some lunch which was provided by Aspire. Being a foodie I never forget food! Though I don’t have any evidence of the lunch that day but it was a delish lunch and among many things there were salad of mozzarella and tomato, bread, couscous salad, curry, potato salad. They even had pudding which I totally forgot the name was but other attendees said it was typical British food, it was a mixture of cream, meringue and fruits, a kind of trifle if I must say. Besides that they served flapjacks and shortbreads as well along with tea and coffee. Aspire did a very good job of taking care of us.

After lunch we headed to the field just outside the building to shoot. Since I’m a sucker at selecting photos I would divide the photos into several blog posts, so peel your eyes the other posts. Jessica led us on how she would shoot wedding, where to start etc. When you see her doing her thing you would think that it was easy because she was so in the zone, very calm when directing the couple but I know that it wasn’t easy. After the shooting we headed back to class to learn the workflow and editing. There were a lot of questions coming from us and Jessica was patiently answering them one by one. Sadly our time had to end and as we said goodbye to each other I’m sure each attendees including me has gotten many new things to learn that day.

Thank you Jessica for being such a great teacher that day. I came back from the workshop with a lot of inspirations and knowledge in my head. A big thank you goes as well to Aspire for being a great host, you were right Cumbria rocks!

Our model of the day were Rebecca and Neil, they weren’t professional model but a real couple. Aren’t they the cutest couple.

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  1. Eni Susiana

    What an awesome shoots, this compliment is truly coming my my deepest heart…U ROCK Babe and u’ll always have my biggest support 🙂

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