Risa & Maarten : Salatiga Wedding Photography Part I

The second wedding from Indonesia. From Bali we flew to Salatiga, Centraal Java. Where Risa & Maarten were surrounded by their dearest family and friends on their most special day. It seems that I’m rather quiet with words these past blogposts but that’s kinda true. I am still mesmerized by all the magical things that’s been happening lately. Please without further ado I introduce you to brand new Mr & Mrs. Bax.

 photo 2013-04-02_0002.jpg

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 photo 2013-04-02_0058.jpg

Kebaya : Modiste Semarang
Hair & Make Up : Astrid, friend of the bride
Earrings : Swarosky
Necklace : Private, once belongs to groom’s grandmother
Suit : Ventlee Semarang
Bouquet & Bouttoniere : Kayu Arum Resort Salatiga
Rings : Diamond Point
Venue, Decor, Catering, Cake, Coordination & MC : Kayu Arum Resort Salatiga
Band : Kopi Brik

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