Gabriel and Thata : Rotterdam Wedding Photography

Who would have thought you would meet the one at the church, but they did. He had eyes on her for quite a while but she had someone else at the time. She was single again and he didn’t waste the time and the rest was history.

It was the beginning of autumn but she was brave enough to wear this fabulous Indonesian traditional wedding dress as known as kebaya. This dress was extra special since it was made with love by Thata’s mother.

Have you guess the wedding color by now? Yes it’s purple. And what’s make it more special was that most of the wedding stuff were flown from Indonesia like these purple shoes.

From Rurie van Sark Photography

To this date I don’t know what this girl can’t do. Besides organising her own wedding she even did her own make-up.

The (civil) wedding ceremony was short but sweet.

The newly minted Mr and Mrs.

Classic bubbles before we leave the town hall building.

Rain started to pour as we leave the building but it seemed Thata didn’t care to bits.

The bride and groom.

Can’t you see how he looks at her?

I end this post with this picture of them holding hand to hand, welcoming their new life together.

For more wedding photos do check out this album here.

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