Yeni & Jacco : Gouda – Haastrecht Wedding Photography

I warn you this blogpost is going to be a long one but don’t worry it’s a good long one!

Yeni is the sweetest person I know. Back in 2008 when we were still an aupair I’ve already known Olivia (you will see her photo down there) and she knew Yeni but haven’t met her yet. Olivia told Yeni to meet me first because probably we would have more things in common since we both came from Bali. I still remember vividly that day she stood outside the appartement building. That was our first meeting and yet I let her inside and we got to chat. If we think about it now it’s kinda crazy, letting a complete stranger into your house. Long story short we introduced her to Jacco, which is Peter’s friend since kindergarten (ok kindergarten or elementary school? Peter, Jacco do give the answer).  Long story short what we thought was just a fling turned out to be a real relationship. After all the hardship came this very day. Fyi some hardship came from me, but as I mentioned above Yeni is the sweetest and she deserves the best. Time proved that indeed Jacco is the best for her. And for us I suppose that what makes true friendship last. The one that can survive trials and challenges. Argh Yen, you made me cry writing this. You should definitely send me lumpia after this!

And now this is the third time I’m stating that she is the sweetest and one of her very best trait is that she is always be there for you when you need her. And since she’s always there for me, on her very important day I would like to be there for her as well. And indeed this long blogpost 🙂

Yeni and Jacco, I hope your wedding was what you’ve always dreamed it would be. Surrounded by family and friends who love you. I wish you too a very very happy life together. Make children soon ‘cos I know Yeni can’t wait. Hahaha.

We started the day with Yeni at Jacco’s parents house. Obviously Yeni’s parents house is in Bali and that would be a bit too far for the preparation.

Peter was also busy at Jacco’s place.

A sister’s help is what you need.

Yay, I’m so glad they opt for first look rather than the traditional ‘bell ringing at the front door’. When I started learning about wedding photography, I thought first look would be a good alternative for the first meeting. As bride and groom would have private moment alone. And since I worship American style of wedding photography this first look came indeed from America.

Haha look at her expression. Priceless!

The same effect of private moment that you won’t get from just ringing the doorbell. Trust me.

And the audience could also watch from a distance.

Ready to get married. Weeee….. (she likes to say this on her facebook status)

That girl in pink kebaya is Olivia. And yes she is usually that funny.

The same place and same wedding minister who married us back in 2009.

They didn’t spare any happy tears that day.

Yay Married!

We went around the church for some portraits.

And onto Steinsetuin in Haastrecht for the party!

Little umbrella decor all the way from Bali.

Write some happy wishes for the couple.

Cake made by Jacco’s sister.

Like mother like daughter.

The weather prediction for that day was pouring rain but thank God it was a lovely warm day.

A little bit more portrait around the garden.

The cow in the middle cracks me up. LOL.

Cute little Balinese dancers whom are also Yeni’s Bahasa Indonesia students. They made me so ashamed being Indonesian and not able to dance any traditional dance. Girls teach me!

Just fun fun fun.

5 thoughts on “Yeni & Jacco : Gouda – Haastrecht Wedding Photography

  1. anuradha

    Rurie! This work is truly wonderful! You have captured so many joyous and honest, earthy, rich, gorgeous moments and that too with a sense of lightness and humor. And I really like that you write about it too. (Perhaps a beautiful coffee table book one day? :)) Wishing you the very best, and let us know when you’re in Hamburg next.

  2. claudia (zara)

    I was speechless going through the looked stunning Yeni and i love ya dress to the max.The foundation of marriage is good communication,so keep the communication line open and enjoy every bit of marriage .


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